Watch Over You


Watch Over You - India’s First Private Emergency Response Service.

Our Motto: Every Life Matters.

Our Mission: To Save Lives.

Our Service: On-Field Responder and Ambulance Rescue  & First aid in an Emergency situation -  such as Personal Safety, Medical Emergencies, Fire and Natural Disasters.
In today’s day and age, Safety and Security have become a major concern in our lives. We are constantly surrounded by fear of something happening to ourselves or our near and dear ones, be it at home, work or on the road.

Emergencies Come Without a Warning…… more often than not, we are unprepared to deal with it. Our dependence on external help from unknown sources makes us extremely vulnerable and increases the chances of Fatality.

Our Experience in the Emergency Rescue Business began in 1996, when we started operating a radical new startup called R.A.C.E (Rapid Action in Car Emergencies).  In the initial years it was a challenge to spread awareness about a concept which people never heard of. An even greater challenge was to successfully deliver service 24 hours a day 7 – days a week, without advanced IT enabled services. We were determined to succeed.

By 2010, we had our network in 30 cities, with over 1.5 million customers and we had accomplished more than 1 million rescues.

2011, we successfully exited the business and decided to devote our time and effort towards more social ventures and ultimately giving life to “Gift Of Life Foundation”. The primary focus areas for us were:

•  Social Welfare & Consumer Awareness
•  Disaster Management & Emergency Response Services
•  Conduct & manage Health & Safety & Self Defense Training Camps
•  Promote and donate funds for emergency & personal safety
•  Distribution of personal hygiene, healthcare & family planning material to underprivileged women.
•  Distribution of clothes, footwear, blankets, daily need items to underprivileged families

It is during these times, in 2016, when certain unfortunate incidents in our country made us realize the need an importance of proper Emergency Rescue Services, which can save lives.

Putting our Experience and our resources together, we, the promoters, decided to launch Watch Over You, with the intention of creating a system where any person facing a threat to their life can send an alert and get the proper attention and rescue they require.

We will continue to build our network and our systems to a level where we can emulate similar government provided services in certain international countries.


Sumit Gupta (Co-Founder)

Sumit comes with 15 years of experience in Financial Management, Fund Raising, International Trade and Corporate Social Responsibility. He has successfully helped companies in Real Estate, Jewellery, Telecom and Electronics to scale up by providing consultancy and hands-on approach.

Vineet Jain (Co-Founder)

Vineet comes with 15 years of experience in Emergency Rescue service. He started India’s first road side rescue service in 1996 under the name of RACE (Rapid Action in Car Emergency) and Crossroads.